I’m involved in the development of different softwares which help to navigate the interface between mathematics and music. For example, they help composers to use maths for their compositions, musicologists to analyise musical pieces, children to grasp maths through music, or mathematicians to discover mathematical theorems through musical structures.

The Tonnetz

Screen shot of the Tonnetz tool conceived and developed by M. Andreatta & C. Guichaoua in the framework of the SMIR project.

The Tonnetz is an online web environment for music analysis and composition based on geometry and topology co-developed with Corentin Guichaoua in the framework of the SMIR project. It is available here.


Screen shot of Hexachord developed by L. Bigo.

Hexachord is a java software developed by Louis Bigo in the framework of his PhD thesis on spatial computing applied to music analysis (co-supervised with Olivier Michel, Antoine Spicher and Jean-Louis Giavitto). The software is available here.

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