1st IMA Maths in Music Conference (RCM London, July 13-15, 2022)

I had the honor and the great pleasure to give a Keynote within a three days full-immersion conference on maths and music organized by Matteo Sommacal, Dimitri Scarlato, Michelle Phillips and Rob Sturman at the Royal College of Music. Here is link to the official webpage including the Conference Programme and the Book of abstracts.

A very exciting moment and a wonderful opportunity to meet new scholars and students with whom I’m sure we’ll be able to develop future collaborations and maths/music events in interaction with the members of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music.

Some souvenirs from the 1st IMA Maths&Music Conference in London. 1. Piano-bar session at Lille-Europe station (waiting for the Eurostar train); 2. The Royal College of Music by night; 3. Lunch break with Italian colleagues (Matteo Sommacal, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli and Dimitri Scarlato); 4. The performance of my little pedagogical composition entitled “A Song for P”i; 5. Explanation of some graph-theoretical aspects in my composition “A Gunner’s Hamiltonian Dream” (after Pink-Floyd); 6. The official dinner at Maggie Jones (with Mark Elliot, Lasse Rempe, Alberto Alcala Alvarez,  Michelle Phillips Douglas Butler…and three big bottles of Wine!) 

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